Nomadic Livestock Guardian Dogs — Aboriginal Stereotypes

«Namodic Ancient Watchdog» is a primitive shepherd dog used as gardian of livestock dates 8500-6500 BCE . This dog is raised for thousands of years selected by nature. They think it is Root from the Wolf . This shepherd spread by Silk Road of trade in Ancient time . This Archaic shepherd is raw on body and in its head , with sharp looking shining eyes( yellow to brown & brown black) triangular head V or U type from ears to the snout . muzzle are shorter than wolf with scissor bite awful jaws . Regullar bodystructure in conformation with powerful shoulder that give a athletic body . Coat is harsh & thick with variety of colours and this dog who serve in Alpine environments appear longer coat from 3-8 or 9 cm and bigger in size as adaptation of cold environment . Paws are round like a cat with 5 short nails rear which produce better amortization . Temperament: this dog is highly intelligent , loyal , brave independent . serious doubtful with strangers , territorial & fast adaptive with hight work ethic . this dog is found in my country with «aboriginal mountain working dog» version call by different country’s. but every pure aboriginal dogs in different provinces of EuroAsia appear same characteristics phenotypes and same behaviour. from this Primitive-Archaik watchdog are selected type and breed as standard dog for example Kangal , Akbash, Gampr, Gurdbazar etc in general they are same dog different types some basic from colours some basic by selecting few phenotypes who for cultivator look more valuable who are (subjective choose) without mixing with mastiff or with other breeds. These phenotypes appears by primitive shepherd humans just cultivate which they like the most . Gampr, Gurdbazar, Georgian Nagazi , north caucasian aboriginal, aboriginal shepherd of Balkan the primitive type without humans interventions aboriginal dog of steppe, anatolian aboriginal mountain shepherd , aboriginal dog of central Asia etc are one dog Root of Nomadic Ancient LGD watchdog(Tail of Wolf).


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