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Maine Coon Vs Ragdoll Cat Breeds, 7 Major Differences/ All Cats

Today’s video is about Maine Coon Vs Ragdoll Cat Breeds, 7 Major Differences.
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We try to explain the main differences between these two popular cat breeds. Maine Coon versus Ragdoll cat

Maine Coon — broad head, broad square muzzle. Large eyes oval in shape. Large ears, lynx tipped (wild-looking ears!). Ears set high on the head. Large body. Substantial feet. Boning and musculature are substantial. Uneven shaggy coat.

Ragdoll — Pointed cat. The body is substantial. Sweet expression. The Head is broad with slightly rounded contours. The muzzle is rounded and well developed as is the chin. Ears are medium-sized with rounded tips. Oval eyes must be blue.

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