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The «European shorthair», also called the «European» or «Celtic shorthair», is a breed originating in Europe, an ennobled representant of all common European cats. This role was held until the beginning of the 20th century by the British shorthair, even though stockier than the majority of common European cats, until 1983 when the European shorthair was recognized by the Fédération internationale féline.

The European can be compared to the kind of domestic cat, which has developed naturally, i.e., without having been subject to special rules for breeding.
European Shorthair has its counterparts in Great Britain and USA , that have been bred much longer.
The British Shorthair however was crossed with Persian Cat and selectively bred to become a cobbier cat with slightly shortened muzzle and thicker coat.
It was confusing for Scandinavian breeders that the British Shorthair was also called European Shorthair at that time, even though it looked different. Felinological associations recognized both types of cat as a single breed, meaning they were judged by the same standards during cat shows, until 1982 when FIFE registered the Scandinavian type of European Shorthair as a separate breed with its own standard.

Life expectancy depends on whether the cat is outdoors or not. An outdoor cat has a life expectancy of 5 to 12 years, while an indoor cat can live up to 22 years.

Because the breed has been developed from ordinary domestic cats, which have very different temperaments, the character of the European Shorthair is impossible to summarise. Members of this breed may be very affectionate but there are others that prefer to be out mousing. Most European Shorthairs are strong and active, and as a rule they are friendly. They get on well with other cats and tolerate dogs well. European Shorthairs are intelligent and playful, and most of them are expert at keeping houses and gardens free of mice.

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