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This pet has come to a man’s home from the wild, but, nevertheless, is considered one of the best breeds for the family or just single people. They are excellent companions, understanding and calm.

At the same time, if it is a family with children, it is the Arabian Mau that will quickly become friends with the child and will be his friend, not the enemy. They are patient and caring, which justifies their behavior alongside children or other domestic animals.


The Arabian Mau appeared more than 1000 years ago in the countries of the Middle East and is one of the few breeds not derived by man, but by nature. The largest population of this animal is observed in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. These cats were originally absolutely wild animals, self-surviving in the harsh deserts. Because they were not striving to start a rhinestone as a pet when they gradually moved to big and small towns in search of food, water, and also a stable shelter.

Considering them wild, no one dared to tame them, except for Petra Muller. This woman sheltered 50 Arabian Mau, nurtured them and tamed. Lover of this unusual breed, Peter bred and studied these cats and as a result passed her studies to the World Cat Association. In 2008, after many tests and examinations, the breed standard was approved, and from the beginning of 2009 these cats had the opportunity to take part in various exhibitions.

Description of the breed

The Arabian Mau has a rather remarkable appearance. Large muscular body with a powerful structure. Hind legs are longer than forelimb, paws are oval. The head is rounded, elongated in length, the profile is curved, on the muzzle the pads of mustache and chin are pronounced. Spout small, triangular in shape. Ears are large, long and straight, the eyes are oval, often of the same color as the color of the coat. Wool is dense, without undercoat in adult individuals, and the kittens have a touch of silky fur. The tail is of medium length, tapering to the tip. Color of these cats is very diverse: white, black, brown, with spots or stripes of different colors.


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