10 Dogs That Look Like Foxes

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Do you want an elegant dog of gracious moves, a couch potato that will love chilling with you on your lazy days, or maybe a dog that kind of looks like a fox?

Yes, there are dog breeds that look like foxes, let’s check them out!

10. Keeshond 00:43

Keeshonds, also known as the Dutch Barge Dogs, are spitz-family dogs that originated from the Netherlands. Believe it or not, but these dogs were the symbol of the Patriot faction in The Netherlands during political unrest in the years before the French Revolution.

Thanks to their fluffy grey coat, they resemble gray foxes that are widespread throughout North and Central America

9. Schipperke 01:12

If you just thought that Schipperkes look nothing like foxes, then you haven’t seen how a black fox looks like.

This Belgium breed also called the Little Captain can barely be set apart from their mammal cousin. Are you a fan of the unique-looking Schipperke? Then be prepared for a very active pet that will steal the spotlight wherever you go.

8. Shiba Inu 01:35

The energetic and intelligent Shiba Inu is, without doubt, one of the dog breeds that resemble foxes the most. The shape of their muzzle along with their triangle-shaped, perked up ears are exactly the most prominent features of these beautiful wild animals.

But don’t let their cuteness fool you, these dogs need a lot of patience and dedicated training time in order to be great pets. So, if you don’t have a lot of experience in dog training and generally aren’t willing to spend a significant amount of time with your Shiba Inu, then you might want to consider another fox-looking dog for yourself.

7. Akita Inu 02:13

Needless to say, Akita Inu looks just like a bigger version of the Shiba Inu dog. Therefore there is not much left to say about why these pups resemble foxes.

If you want to have a silent dog that doesn’t bark a lot, then Akita might be the right choice for you. However, just like their smaller Japanese cousin, they need a lot of training which makes them not so suitable for first-time owners.

6. Norwegian Elkhound 02:41

Norwegian Elkhounds are intelligent and playful dogs that require a lot of exercise despite being small in size. They are very attached to their owner and family which is why they won’t tolerate spending time alone.

These dogs look like a bigger, and a bit chubbier version of a gray fox. Their gray coat along with their perked up ears really give them that foxy look.

5. Samoyed 03:07

Samoyed is practically a canine clone of a polar fox. Just look at this resemblance?

These fluffy dogs originating from Siberia make terrific family pets and are intelligent, loving and playful. Despite their cute appearance, these spitz-like pups are quite serious when it comes to chasing down other small animals, so be sure not to leave them unsupervised in parks and nature, as you might get a gift you didn’t really expect.

4. Welsh Corgi 03:43

Corgis are so cute that you simply can’t resist them. These active, intelligent dogs are fast learners that love being challenged mentally.

Corgis look like long-bodied foxes with an everlasting smiling expression and fluffy rears on stumpy legs.

3. Alaskan Klee Kai 04:11

The Alaskan Klee Kai is also known as the Mini Husky. However, due to their small size, these dogs are very fox-like.

Just like their wild cousins, they are known to be very intelligent. Alaskan Klee Kais are very energetic and love being in the company of their family as much as possible. However, they can be extremely shy when around strangers.

2. Pomeranian Spitz 04:38

If you would like to get the cutest and smallest canine version of a red fox, it would probably have the form of a Pomeranian Spitz. These fluffy toy dogs are simply irresistible and are among the most photogenic dogs out there.

They can be quite laid back and they generally don’t enjoy a lot of exercise, but if you don’t want them to develop a small dog syndrome, you need to dedicate a significant amount of time training these cute, but moody Pomeranians.

1. Volpino Italiano 05:10

And finally, the most fox looking dog of all — the glorious Volpino Italiano. They are actually named after a fox. Volpino in Italian means — a little fox.

The resemblance to the Arctic fox is shocking! If you wish to have one, you should know that these beauties make excellent watchdogs despite their small size.

So if you’re looking for a fluffy and loyal family pet, the Volpino Italiano may be just for you.

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