York Chocolate Cats 101 : Fun Facts & Myths

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In today’s video, we are going to talk about some interesting facts and myths about the York Chocolate Cat.

Perhaps no other cat has a cooler name out there than the York Chocolate cat. This breed of cats is named after

the great state of New York and also because of its rich chocolate-like coat color. The brown-black coats of

York Chocolates are quite unique. Black cats are pretty common creatures as well as varieties of brown-coated

felines. When you spot a York Chocolate, you’d know right away that it’s of a different breed.

If you’re interested in getting a York Chocolate cat, here are some of the interesting facts about the York

Chocolate Cat, which will give you some further insight into its characteristics and temperament.

1. York Chocolate Cat’s History.

The York Chocolate breed was started in 19 83 when a black-and-white spotted female farm cat named Blacky mated

with a longhaired black male named Smokey. Within that litter was one brown kitten, thanks to their Siamese

ancestry, and she was named Brownie. Janet Chiefari, the farm owner, took note of this unique kitten, who had

both charm and looks.

The following summer, Brownie had a litter of kittens, and one of her babies was a semi-longhaired black male

who also featured a deep brown undercoat, which was quite unique. This kitten was named Minky.

A year after that, Brownie mated with Minky, and they had a kitten named Teddy Bear, who was solid brown. They

also had a brown-and-white female named Cocoa.

Chiefari started breeding the cats and spreading the word about them, and the experimental breed was accepted

in 19 90. By 19 95, it had CFF Championship status and Canadian Cat Association Championship status as well.

2. York Chocolate’s Physical characteristics.

The York Chocolate Cat is a medium to large cat with a muscular body structure. The head is a rounded wedge,

the muzzle is moderately long. The large pointed ears tilt forward. The eyes are almond-shaped and can be

green, gold, or hazel. The long fluffy tail is tapering towards the tip. The feet are well-tufted. Overall, the

physical characteristics are very similar to traditional Siamese cats as the breed has Siamese heritage.

Chocolate brown color slow in developing. Kittens are significantly lighter than mature cats and may have some

barring and tipping.

3. York Chocolate’s Temperament.

York Chocolate cats are known to be true lap cats with a sweet temperament. They love to be cuddled and petted.

Their curious nature makes them follow you all the time and participate in almost everything you do, even if

it’s related to water, unlike many other cats, York Chocolates love it. They are intelligent, energetic, and

usually get along well with children and other pets. A good choice for those who do not want a hyper-active cat

like the Abyssinian or Bengal, but want a lively and smart companion.

4. York Chocolate’s Personality.

York Chocolates are an extremely friendly, even-tempered breed. They strike a nice balance between high energy

and loving devotion. After a rousing session of fetch or catch-the-catnip mouse, they want to snuggle into the

lap of their preferred person for some purring and petting. Although not generally vocal, York Chocolates are

enthusiastic purrers and make a characteristic questioning sound when announcing their arrival, or alerting you

to serious problems, such as empty food bowls.

Most Yorks enjoy being held and cuddled, on their own terms, of course, and are wonderful companions to the one

special human person with whom they choose to bond. Although they are usually one-person cats and are

intelligently cautious of strangers, they are friendly and affectionate to their extended family, including

well-behaved children.

Ordinarily, they get along well with other pets, as long as the proper introductions are made. Intelligent and

energetic, York Chocolates enjoy following their favorite humans from room to room to make sure all activities

meet with cat approval. Yorks are also inquisitive and curious and insist on helping their preferred persons.

Whether you’re reading the paper, folding clothes, or working at your desk, Yorks want to keep on top of

things, literally.

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