York Chocolate Cat VS. Havana Brown Cat

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York Chocolate Cat VS. Havana Brown Cat.

What are the differences between these two cat breeds?

The York Chocolate cat breed developed when a black-and-white-spotted farm cat mated with a long-haired, black feline and produced a brown kitten. These felines are known for being social, affectionate, and playful.

The Havana is distinguished by his uncommon head shape; it’s longer than it is wide. Havana Browns are affectionate, gentle, highly intelligent, and, unlike their Siamese compatriots, quiet. They are remarkably adaptable and agreeable cats and adjust to almost any situation with poise and confidence.

The York Chocolate is usually found sporting a long-haired, chocolate brown colored coat. The coat is often a lighter shade during kittenhood. You’ll want to make time to schedule brushing sessions three or four times a week. This will help keep the cat’s coat in good condition and also ward off the chances of mats forming, which is always something to watch out for with long-haired felines.

The Havana Brown’s distinctive color extends even to his whiskers. He is the only cat with a breed standard that spells out whisker color: brown, of course, complementing the coat color.

Looking out from all that Minky-brown richness are vivid green eyes with an oval shape. The Havana is also distinguished by his uncommon head shape; it’s longer than it is wide. Large ears tilt forward.

He has a firm, muscular body covered in short, smooth fur in a rich, warm reddish-brown. Kittens and young adults may have the barest hint of tabby markings, which disappear as they mature. The nose leather is brown with a rosy flush, and the paw pads are a rosy brown as well.

York Chocolates are an extremely friendly, even-tempered breed. They strike a nice balance between high energy and loving devotion. After a rousing session of fetch or catch-the-catnip mouse, they want to snuggle into the lap of their preferred person for some purring and petting. Although not generally vocal,

Most Yorks enjoy being held and cuddled, on their own terms, of course, and are wonderful companions to the one special human person with whom they choose to bond. Although they are usually one-person cats and are intelligently cautious of strangers, they are friendly and affectionate to their extended family, including well-behaved children.

When you adopt a York Chocolate, be aware that this cat will always want to follow you around and be part of whatever action is going on! Some owners even say that adopting a York Chocolate is a little like living with a dog.

The breed balances a playful side with a relaxed and affectionate side: The York Chocolate is definitely a cat who benefits from having extra people and other pets around to play and socialize with, but these kitties are also very much content to snuggle up on the couch or lounge on the bed for extended nap sessions.

York Chocolate is a social feline who really does need company; this is not the cat for anyone who’s away at work all day and leaves behind a totally empty house. You’ll also need to keep the cat’s excellent hunting instincts satisfied, so add smart, moving, and interactive toys to the living environment, and make sure to rotate them on a regular basis.

More distinctive than the muzzle, ears, or mink-like coat is the Havana Brown’s personality. Havanas must have human interaction if they are to live happy, healthy lives. They crave attention from their human companions and are not content unless they can be by your side, helping you with your household tasks. Havanas love to reach out and touch their favorite humans; they often nudge their human friends with an outstretched paw as if asking for attention.

Fetch is a favorite Havana game, and they can often be found carrying toys and stray objects around in their mouths. If you’ve misplaced a sock or some other small, easily carried object, check your Havana’s cat bed. You might find that it has magically found its way there.


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