World’s first PICKFUN AI Pet Camera (only for cats and dogs)!

I have a new friend, the world’s first PICKFUN AI Pet Camera, he looks like an astronaut! He makes films of pets (only for cats and dogs!) for me, tracks and detects pets, and films, edits videos, adds cool effects and music, and posts new videos. I don’t have to do anything to get a well-cut video of my pet. 😺🎞

The device recognizes your pet through AI and continuously learns your pet’s daily behavior using AI algorithms. The longer you use it, the more dynamic footage you get, while it simultaneously generates cute and entertaining videos for you to keep for later.
Free App PICKFUN, available for iOS and Android, is a world of cute short videos, watching it every day can bring a lot of joy and is excellent for making your pet an online sensation as all users share, follow and comment. You can try and enjoy it for yourself.❤️

You can check it out and order NOW via Kickstarter!
Official website:

Music from Epidemic Sound: Blue Eyed Girl, In a Million Days — Rijko

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