Train your dog to accept a muzzle: how and why

Muzzle training
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Train your dog to wear a muzzle

Each step is explained clearly in the video
0:00 Intro
0:06 Why you should train your dog to wear a muzzle
0:50 How to choose a muzzle for your dog — things to keep in mind
1:34 Muzzle training step 1: start with a neutral object (a cone) — just hold the cone in your hand and wait for your dog to interact with it — mark and reward as he does
2:10 Muzzle training step 2: get your dog to put his nose into the cone by dropping a treat inside — mark as he does
3:28 Muzzle training step 3: let your dog put his nose into the cone without luring him with a treat — mark and reward after he does
4:10 Muzzle training step 4: switch to a muzzle, and just as you did with the cone, let your dog investigate — mark and reward any interaction, then mark and reward as your dog puts his nose into the muzzle
5:12 Muzzle training step 5: when you feel your dog is ready, try and attach the muzzle. Reward generously and give your dog a lot of praise while he has the muzzle on. The idea is to teach your dog that having a muzzle on brings good things.

Do not force or rush anything. Go very slow if your dog is stressed. You do not need to do all the steps on the same day, every dog is different, give your dog the time he needs to feel comfortable.

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