Top 5 Most Expensive And Rare Cat Breeds Only Rich People Can Buy (Khao Manee, Maine Coon, & more)

Inside of this video, we cover the Top 5 Most Expensive Cat And Rare Cat Breeds That Only Rich People Can Afford. The price points of these rare cats will blow your mind !
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#5 The Peterbald — $2,500

Starting at a whopping $2,500 is the Peterbald. Ok, so you don’t need to be filthy rich to afford this one, but considering the average cost of a fuzzball, you’ll need to make some serious room in your cat budget. This long-snouted hairless cat was recently bred for competition in St. Petersburg, Russia — hence the words “Peter” and “Bald” in its name. Like Sphynx kitties, this breed has little to no hair, but they are slightly larger and their owners would go on forever about how affectionate these cats can be. If this puss is a little too luxurious for your taste, wait until you see the incredibly rare breed at number one, which could easily buy you 50 little Peterbalds.

#4 The Maine Coon — $3500
If hairless cats aren’t really your thing, you could bump it a notch and get yourself one of the biggest and fluffiest breeds around. The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat in the world and, unlike the modern Peterbald, it’s one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official state cat. These gentle giants are popular for the iconic ruff along their chest, their silky satin undercoats, and their long, bushy tails. Known for its sociable and playful personality, owners have cited the Maine Coon for being almost “dog-like”. However, their stunning good looks and friendly personalities aren’t the only things that will take your breath away, because purchasing one of these magnificent giants can put a $3,500 dent in your bank account.

#3 Khao Manee — $11,000

The Khao Manee — also known as the “Diamond Eye Cat” — originates in Thailand and has an ancient ancestry tracing back hundreds of years. Khao Manee is Thai for “white gem”, and due to their short, extremely smooth white coats paired with incredibly rarely coloured eyes, it’s easy to see how they got the name. They can have blue eyes, gold eyes or one of each. The odd-eyed Khao Manee is the rarest variety and can set you back as much as $11,000. Close to extinction, this cat was a protected species for several years, but in 1999, the Khao Manee arrived in the US to begin a breeding program to help them from dying out. And although they have yet to be registered as a breed, one of these lucky charms will cost you a small fortune.

#2 Savannah — $25,000

Onto a far more exotic cat breed, we have the majestic Savannah, which is a cross between a domestic cat and an African Serval. The first were bred by Judee Frank in the 90s, who decided to cross a serval with a Siamese — but any domestic cat breed mixed with a serval is considered a Savannah. First generation Savannahs are therefore 50% wild, and one of the largest variations of this cat. Energetic and wild-looking as they are, Savannahs get along great with both humans and dogs. Their spotted coats vary in color and rarity from golden to smoke. One of these tall and sleek hybrids can set you back as much as $25,000 — but for many owners the rush of owning a domesticated wildcat is well worth the money.

#1 Ashera — $16,000-125,000

Topping our list of the most luxurious cats is the Ashera breed. Similar to the Savannah, the Ashera is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, but an African leopard was thrown into the breeding mix as well. This makes it one of the rarest, most exotic cat breeds in the world! Ashera cats have both spots and stripes, pointed serval ears, and the elegant features of a leopard. Despite their wild genetics, Ashera’s have been purposely bred for home-friendly living.These hybrid wildcats are the pinnacle of mixed breeding and owning one could cost you anywhere from $15,000 to a shocking $125,000! But most owners would tell you it’s a fair price for the thrill of living with a domesticated mini-leopard.

And that’s it for The 5 Most Expensive Cats Only The Rich Can Afford! Which of the price tags on these cats shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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