Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World You Need To See

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Join us as we take a look at the 10 most expensive breed of cats in the world.

Number 10.
American Curl.
American Curl is a breed of cat with unusual ears. The ears curl back from the face in a smooth arc toward the center of the back of the skull; they are otherwise perfectly normal cats. The breed is the result of a direct mutation that occurred in a cat in Lakewood, California in 1981.

Number 9.
Himalayan cat.
The Himalayan cat is a very peculiar breed of cats. It was artificially bred in the middle of the last century in the United States, as a result of crossing the Siamese cat breed and the Persian cat breed, and further selection of only kittens with a well-marked Siamese coloring.

Number 8.
The Persian kitten is a «miracle» of nature, which, by its very appearance, makes one smile, causing the desire to «squeeze» it. The description of these cats can be interpreted in just a few words — a fluffy goggle-eyed bear cub with a flattened muzzle.

Number 7.
The character of Bengal cats combines the temperaments of a wild beast and a pet. Bengals are well developed hunting instinct. At any age, they recognize the game «on the hunt» — race for balls and toys, catching makhalok, chase and pursuit.

Number 6.
At some point in your life you have probably seen a photo of this hairless cat. It was initially created in 1966 and has since taken the world by storm in popularity. Its signature hairless coat is due to a natural mutation of the breed’s genes.

Number 5.
Maine Coon.
The Maine Coon is believed to be one of the oldest cat breeds native to the United States. Unlike some of the other cats on this list, the Main Coon can be very large.

Number 4.
British Shorthair.
As its name suggests, this breed of cat was created after Romans invaded Britain hundreds of years ago. This cat is well known for its intelligence and dignified personality.

Number 3.
Between this cat’s size and spotted golden coat, the Savannah breed looks like it is straight from the wild. It was created after breeding a domestic cat with a wild African cat in 1986.

Number 2.
Khao Manee.
Of all the breeds on this list, the Khao Manee stands out thanks its beautiful eyes. This breed is well known for having two different eye colors, usually a pair of yellow and blue eyes.

Number 1.
Two cat owners yearned for a Sphynx with curled ears, so they created the Elf breed in 2004. This one of a kind cat is the result of breeding a Sphynx with an American Curl cat.

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