This Is An Amazing Crazy Powerful Tool For High Grass That You Need To Own!

This is a must have tool for high grass areas. I have used walk behind string trimmer mowers before, but by far this is the best to day. Extremely powerful and easy to use, this Powermate field trimmer is a beast!

It’s An Amazing Crazy Powerful Tool For High Grass That You Need To Own! The Powermate
22 in. 173cc Gas Walk-Behind Field String Trimmer Mower with Adjustable Trimmer Head

Overgrown grass and hard to reach spots are no match for the Powermate 173cc adjustable head field trimmer. It is equipped with an On the Fly, 3-position (left, right, center), adjustable trimmer head that provides the ability to trim 5.5 in. outside of the wheel base on either side allowing you to trim along a fence line or other obstacle while walking the trimmer in a straight line. To have even more control over the look of your field, the 3 position (2 in., 3 in. and 4 in.) Tool-Free height adjustment allows you to choose the trimming height that is right for your job. With a powerful 173cc OHV 6.27 ft./lbs. torque engine along with the quad 0.155 in. diameter trimmer line, this trimmer provides the power and performance necessary to cut through the toughest weeds and grass to clear a field. When the job is done, save valuable shop space by simply folding the handle down and tucking it away until the field needs to be trimmed the next time. Use the Powermate Walk-Behind Field String Trimmer Mower with Swivel Head and Adjustable Cutting Height to tackle your field challenges with ease.

Heavy duty 6.27 ft./lbs. torque, 173cc engine
On the fly, tool free 3-position (left, right and center) swivel trimmer head
5.5 in. cutting capability outside wheel base when swiveled right or left for straight line trimming.
2 in., 3 in. and 4 in. tool-free trimmer head height adjustment
Quad 0.155 in. diameter trimmer line to clear toughest weeds
14 in. wheels for maximum maneuverability
Onboard trimmer string storage to keep your extra trimmer line handy at all times
Onboard trimmer line cut length guide to ensure your string is cut to the right length every time
Folding handle for compact storage

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