Meet the most beautiful dogs in the world. If you want to buy a dog, these are the ones that stand out for their physical beauty, because we all know that all dogs are beautiful.

This cute stuffed puppy has a height of up to 22 inches to the withers and a weight that borders 66 pounds. Thanks to its lush fur, you’ll have a real hard time setting it aside from a real teddy bear.

Please, let us stay silent, cause we are about to witness a symbol of nobility and of the canine aristocracy. We are talking about the poodle, elegance made dog.

With a strong and muscular body that measures between 24 and 26 inches high and that can weigh up to 99 pounds, this Asian giant stands out with its imposing figure.

Who has not seen 101 Dalmatians? It’s impossible! As much as not being able to recognize the beauty of this incredible breed. The Dalmatian has become so popular that it is easy to recognize on the street.

With an unprecedented elegance, the Greyhound is present on this list. Its athletic body and elongated snout in a special way make it easy to identify.

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beloved breeds in history thanks to Lassie, a rough collie dog who starred in several television series, movies and books.

It is impossible not to include the Labrador Retriever in this list. This breed originally from Newfoundland, present Canada, and is one of the most popular and beautiful dogs in the world.

This is undoubtedly one of the most attractive dogs you will see in your life.

Who said that all the dogs on this list were going to be big ones? Of course not! The Maltese bichon comes with all the intention of showing you that the best comes in small packages.

The German Shepherd is popular for having an extremely protective character, especially with children.

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