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Cats are all over the internet and if they are small, they are more curious. Meet in this video the 10 breeds of the smallest cats in the world.

Do you love the Persian cat? And what about the Siamese cat? Well, look no further: we have the ideal pussycat for you: The Himalayan cat, also known as the Himalayan or Colorpoint Persian.

This cat sure is a beast! Or at least it seems like it, with a look very similar to that of a panther, the Bombay cat is the magnificent result between the crossbreed of a Burmese and an American Shortair cats.

The Balinese is a cat that has its origins in the United States, becoming the direct descendant of the Siamese and other cats with long hair like the dazzling Angora.

This is a cat from another planet! Or at least that’s what we think when we lose ourselves in their huge eyes that seem to hide the secrets of the universe, or when we appreciate their impressive almost hairless body that blows our imagination, assuming that it could be a cat that has evolved over time.

So much beauty! White in color and with blue eyes, the Burmese cat, also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, is characterized by being physically an intermediate cat between the Persian and the Siamese.

Without a doubt this is the elf of cats. Just look at it! Those naughty pointed ears, those huge, bulging eyes, along with those high cheekbones. Doesn’t it look like a pixie? Simply irresistible!

And one of the cats with more personality on this list is the intrepid Skookum, a cat breed originally from the United States.

Slender and small, Singapura cats are the best representation of all the delicacy and elegance that cats have.

This beautiful pussycat is recognized easily because of its chunky body that measures no more than 10 inches, its very round head, its tender folded ears and its short, but very sturdy legs.

No! It is not floating! He’s just walking peacefully, but because his paws are so short, you can hardly see them.
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