Siamese Cat VS. Himalayan Cat

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Siamese Cat versus Himalayan Cat.

What are the differences between the two cat breeds?

These two cat breeds with a sophisticated look have similarities, the Himalayan cat is a Persian in Siamese drag.

These two cat breeds are affectionate with family, these kitties love to talk.

The Siamese cat is a medium-sized breed with a long, lithe body that is graceful and elegant but still has a muscular feel. The body is well balanced and athletic, the legs slender and the paws small and oval. The head viewed face-on resembles a triangle tapering in straight lines to a fine muzzle.

Their ears are large and pricked and are set so that they follow the lines of the triangle. The eyes are oriental in shape and slant towards the nose. The tail is long and tapering and free from kinks. The short, fine and close-lying coat have a pale main body colour is pale with darker intensely coloured points.

Himalayans have what is known as a “cobby” body type. This means that despite their round appearance, these kitties are sturdy and strong. They have short, thick legs and tail and a broad chest and shoulders. Aside from those expressive blue eyes, a Himalayan’s face is distinct in that it can either be traditional or extreme.

Traditional, also called doll face, is round with a longer, lower nose. Extreme, or peke-face, is that adorable squashy look similar to that of a Pug. Of course, the most noticeable attribute is a Himalayan’s fine, glossy double coat with those quintessential colorpoints.

When it comes to their Personality, Siamese cats are extremely fond of their people. They like to be “helpful” and will follow you around and supervise your every move. When you are sitting down, a Siamese will be in your lap, and at night he will be in bed with you, probably under the covers with his head on the pillow.

Do not get a Siamese if living with a chatty busybody would drive you insane. On the other hand, if you enjoy having someone to talk to throughout the day, the Siamese can be your best friend. Just be sure you have time to spend with this demanding and social cat. Siamese does not like being left alone for long periods, and if you work during the day it can be smart to get two of them so they can keep each other company.

Like the Persian, the Himalayan is sweet, docile and quiet. She is an ornament to any home where she can enjoy sitting in a lap, surely her rightful place being petted by those who are discerning enough to recognize her superior qualities, and playing house with kind children who will gently comb her hair, wheel her around in a baby buggy, let her chase an interactive toy, then serve her tea at their parties.

They reserve their attention for family members and those few guests whom they feel they can trust. Loud environments aren’t a Himalayan’s style, they are sedate cats who prefer a serene home where little changes from day to day. With large, expressive eyes and a voice that has been described as soft, pleasant and musical, Himmies let their simple needs be known, regular meals, a little playtime with a catnip mouse or feather teaser, and lots of love, which they return tenfold.

The Siamese cats are a loyal and loving feline who will pout and pine if given little or no attention, while the Himalayans are contented to adorn a chair, sofa or bed until you are free to admire her and give her the attention she willingly receives but never demands.

Both pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have varying incidences of health problems that may be genetic in nature. Some Problems that may affect the Siamese are,

Amyloidosis, a disease that occurs when a type of protein called amyloid is deposited in body organs, primarily the liver in Siamese.

Asthma, a bronchial disease.

and Congenital heart defects such as aortic stenosis.

Although Himalayans are beautiful and sweet, Exotics are prone to a number of potential health problems such as,

Breathing difficulty or noisy breathing caused by constricted nostrils.

Dental malocclusions, meaning the teeth don’t mesh well together.


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