NIV BEKERMAN | Planche, Handstand & Hard Work | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #42

The Planche and Handbalancing Beast Niv Bekerman about why he is only focusing on training the Planche and Handstand.
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00:00 Welcome
00:35 Introduction
01:19 Height, Weight, Age
01:39 His Story
03:07 Calisthenics Beginnings
05:45 Only Planche & Handstand
07:04 Competitions
09:31 Reaching High Level
11:25 One Arm Handstand
14:46 Focus on one Skill
17:25 Workout structure
21:34 Discipline and Motivation
22:25 First Goal
22:45 His Advice
25:27 Front lever
27:23 Handstand Blocks
28:40 Nutrition
29:57 Future Performance
31:00 Imbalances
31:55 Bad Form
32:47 Weight Vest & Ankle Weights
33:13 Current Goals
34:06 Quick questions, quick answers
38:08 His Message to the Community
39:30 Get in touch

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