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Mini Lion Lop Rabbit 101: Part 1

The Mini Lion Lop is the outcome of combining two extremely unusual breeds, the Mini Lop Rabbit and the Lionhead Rabbit, within one dainty, hairy bundle.

They have a cottony, lion-like fur and the lovely bent ears of the Lop. They’re a rather new strain, originated in the U.K. in early 2000, but their distinguished and bizarre appearance has established their reputation on constant growth. Rabbits will need your care and time. They’re extremely friendly, inquisitive, and comical mammals and will live a sorrowful life if held restrained to an enclosure with little interplay.

They will require space and a chance to practice and investigate, and you’ll want to make a certain area that has been rabbit-proofed toward gnawing and nibbling. A rabbit is a lifelong responsibility with several maintenances more than 10 years, wistfully, with their demand on the inflation, the abundance of rabbits relinquished to sanctuaries and exploits has likewise increased.


Jane Bramley, a breeder, mixed the Lionhead Rabbit with a Mini Lop Rabbit to create this peculiarly attractive breed. Jane’s breeding method served because the variation that’s accountable for delivering the Lionhead Rabbit its splendid fur and collar is produced by a powerful gene. In other terms, when you cultivate a full-blooded Lionhead Rabbit with a different strain, the baby will highlight that fur and collar. Consequently, the Mini Lion Lop can be originated by crossbreeding the Lionhead Rabbit with a Mini Lop, with a Dwarf Lops and Mini Lop Lionhead hybrid, which would appear in the Dwarf Lion Lop Rabbit.

In 2006, this breed was admitted by the British Rabbit Council. It has been claimed in the UK by Jane Bramley, who has operated on obtaining admission for these lovable pets. The breed is not still identified by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Physical Description.

Generally, the Miniature Lion Lop is comparable to the Mini Lop, though some unique features present it outrank, one of which is the Lionhead Rabbit fur, alongside the section of the breast that highlights more wool. This is why it can likewise be viewed as a tiny version of the Lionhead Rabbit. This tiny rabbit’s body can be defined as broad, well-muscled, strong, short, thickset, and firm. The hind limbs are reported as powerful, stocky, short, and carried identical to the rest of the frame. The backsides are plump, and the back is short. The front limbs must be short and straight.

The breast must be broad and deep, and there must be rounded sides where the thorax coincides with the rabbit’s collars, which are broad and strong as well. The end must be well wooled and straight, and there can likewise be a small jawbone in grown-up females. The head must be broad and have a busty form, and there must be a prominent expanse in the middle of the mammal’s eyes. You will likewise see a wide snout, full jowls, and eyes that are bold, large, and bright. The collar is not completely apparent.

The broad ears should flop down on the surfaces of the head, and they should be displayed adjacent to the cheeks. Furthermore, the basal backbone of the rabbit’s ears will be noticeable across the crown of the head. The ears must be hairy, dense, curved at the tips, and broad. And the within the ears shouldn’t be apparent when staring at the mammal from any point.


The fur of a Miniature Lion Lop will be average in breadth, as well as light and thick with rollback and a lot of keeper fibers. There will likewise be a more abundant fur that is approximately 2-3 inches long, and it must encompass the head. Additionally, the fur must form the pattern of a V following the rabbit’s collar, while bending over the head in the middle of the mammal’s ears. Some rabbits can also be double-haired. The paws and limbs of the Mini Lion Lop should also be well cottony, and there could be a little elongated coat circling the thighs.

Common Behavior.

The Mini Lion Lop is attention-seeking, cheerful, and whimsical. They like having loads of room and time to wander and relish a broad assortment of playthings, holes, and crates to fiddle with. They’re frequently friendly and even-tempered, but because they’re such a new breed, behavior can yet differ broadly within breeding divisions.


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