McNab Dog Breed — Facts and Information

Mcnab dog, also known as McNab Shepherd or McNab Collie is an energetic and intelligent worker and companion. In this video i will tell you all the important facts and information about McNab dogs.
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Short McNab dog description:
The McNab is medium sized athletic dog breed. Their apperance can vary and there is no official breed standard written by any major kennel club. The ears are always triangular, but they can be either stand up or flop forwards. The coat is in short or medium length – never long. You will typicaly find McNabs in black or red color with white spots and markings on their muzzle, chest, feet or tail. Sometimes, but it is pretty rare, you can find them in tri color.

McNab is versatile, loyal, energetic, devoted, athletic, sometimes independent and dominant, intelligent and trainable companion and worker. They are not for everyone, because of their high energy level, but if you are an active person, the McNab might be a dog just for you.

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