How to travel with animals on a boat? Sailing with a dog, yes or not? Interviews with dogs owners

If you have pets and don’t know if traveling with animals is a good idea, this video will help you to answer the question whether sailing with a dog is a yes or not!

Please follow our guidelines to learn about pets vaccination travel requirements, all the rules you have to follow and the difficulties that might arise during your trip. To help you make a proper decision on taking dogs on boats, we have also included the interviews with dogs owners, who come from different parts of the world and be happy to share what it is like living on a sailboat with dogs. If you wish to learn how to travel with animals on a boat, please check out the contents down below:
00:00 Introduction to sailing with dogs.
00:33 General rules how to travel with animals
2:00 pets vaccination travel requirements
4:00 interviews with dogs owner Masha and Gosha and dog Bosia (Breed: Basenji)
17:13 interviews with dogs owner Helen and her boy Deja Vu
36:49 Conclusion


Please follow Helen’s family follow the link below:


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