Queen Cat Matahari’s suicidal behaviour of sitting on the balcony ledge when in «Heat» is something unexplainable and bizarre to us humans.Its just over 3 months since she delivered her set of 6 kittens of which «Matata», a male and the first born of the litter has been kept by me. Persian cats have evolved through various cross-breedings between the «Turkish Angora» and other cats from which the «Doll-Faced Persian Evolved».This «Doll-Faced Persian» was later further developed into the present day «Flat-Faced(pekingeese faced) Persian cat» that dominates the «Cat-Shows» in most country’s and is today the «BREED STANDARD» for Persian cats in cat shows. Tragically , the «Flat-Faced Persian Cat «also called the «Ultra Persian cat » have a lot of «Inherited health defects» like «Breathing» and «Eyes Watering» due to their short «Muzzle face», and hence totally unsuitable for warm or hot climates like Mumbai.Queen cat Matahari has inherited more of the «Turkish Angora» genes and has long legs and a sleek body , hence very agile and «Leopard-like» in stealth and behaviour with her other 5 kittens that were white in colour inheriting these qualities and body structure.Her kitten»Matata» has inherited more of the «Persian breed genes» and hence has a short stubby body and is docile and less agile in climbing or jumping unlike his siblings who were climbing all over the house in less than 2 months of age.The difference in Matahari and her freak kitten Matata explains the development of a cat breed by human intervention over generations of «Inbreeding» and «Out-crossing» a particular «Cat Species».Cats akin to their preys rats are prolific breeders and hence most «PROFESSIONAL BREEDERS» having huge catteries breed some breeds profusely in order to get the best specimens of a particular breed which they later «INTER-BREED» for further creating a «New Species» with particular distinguishable characteristics.THIS IS HOW THE «DOLL-FACED PERSIAN CAT » EVOLVED OVER A CENTURY AGO WHICH LATER WAS AGAIN REMODIFIED BY HUMANS WITH «SELECTIVE BREEDING» INTO THE PRESENT ERA «FLAT-FACED PERSIAN CAT».The rapid progress in «Genetic Sciences» as also the simultaneous decline in «Natural Wild-life and Big Cats»has now led to the growth of the «DESIGNER CAT», a tailor bred «Cat Species» for the «Ultra wealthy cat fancier» wanting to own a «Pet Tiger,leopard or lion» and ultimately settling for its nearest «Duplicate», the designer cat . The «Ashera Cat» which costs about U.K Sterling 12,000(Rs 94,00,000 approx ,2009 exchange rates!) is the rarest and costliest «Designer pet cat» having two wild bloodlines, the African serval and the Asian leopard cat with a «Un-named brand secret» domestic cat..It stands 4 ft tall on its hind legs, weighs 13.5 Kgs(30 Lbs) approx and a average life-span of 25 years akin to the «Big Cats».It resembles a mixture of a tiger and a leopard, having spots as well as stripes and comes closest to owning a «Big Cat» as a domestic pet.There is also a controversy regarding the «Ashera» as some «Cat specialists» say that it is a modified form of the «Savannah Cat» another «designer cat» introduced in 2000 and costing less than U.S$’s 5000 compared to U.S$’s 22,000 for the «Ashera».BEWARE,THERE IS A LOT OF «CON BREEDING» IN THE «CAT WORLD».
I can call my cat «Matahari» a «Mumbai white Lion cat» and charge a «Higher Price» ,such is her freak change in behaviour and temperament compared to the average domestic ‘Doll-Faced Persian Cats» sold in pet shops.!

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