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Cockapoo Grooming One Length All Over

Cockapoo Grooming One Length All Over

In this video I demonstrate how to clip a Cockapoo one length all over including the head and ears.
I used a #0 clip on comb over a 30 blade. Any sized blade can be used depending on your preference.
I start behind the (occiput) which is right behind the skull and work my way down the back towards the tail, I then go down the rib cage and then go down the legs and throat.
The head is last clipping down the ears, cheeks and face and top of head.
Scissors are used to take off any stick outs. The ears are scissored around the edges and the eyebrows are taken short. The face is last to finish. Comb the hair on the muzzle forward and take off the hair that sticks out in front of nose.

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«Carefree» Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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