Boxer Dog 101 — Feeding, Training, Grooming & Health Care of a Boxer Dog

Boxers are smart, athletic and medium-sized breed. AKC place them in working dogs category. Boxers have a short square shaped muzzle and strong jaws. The acceptable colors are fawn, brindle, and white.

Boxers were developed in Germany in the late 19th century. They were produced by cross-breeding between Bullenbeisser and English bulldog.

In this video, we have covered the following topics:

1. Feeding a boxer

Food plays an important role in determining a boxer’s weight, health, metabolism, and activity level. It also has a longer impact on your boxer’s life expectancy.

2. Grooming a Boxer

Boxers are considered as clean dogs and they need occasional grooming. They have a cat like licking skills and can take care of themselves.

Other sub-topics in this video are: Brushing, Bathing them, Ear care, nail care and teeth care

3. Training a Boxer

Boxers are very intelligent and trainable dogs. Training is important to socialize them and make them an active part of family.

Other sub-topics are: Basic obedience commands, Crate Training a boxer, Potty training a boxer

4. Health care of a boxer:

Majority of boxers are healthy dogs but there are some breed specific issues which your boxer may encounter.

Some of the issues discussed in the video are: Bloating, cancer etc.

5. Exercise a boxer

Boxers have an athletic and playful nature. They need regular exercise to keep in shape and to prevent any behavioral and health issues.

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