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Answering your Questions and Making Tea ~ chit chat with plants in our cups

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Today’s beauty tonic has:
-Mangosteen/ Hibiscus powder
-Butterfly pea flower
-Rose powder
-Coconut Milk
Everything is available through Anima Mundi and you can use the code CARO10 for a sweet %% with them: https://glnk.io/yl4v/caroarevalo
00:00 00:55 — intro
00:55 — 02:15 beauty tonic recipe
02:49-07:32 books on sparking creativity
07:32 — 08:47 website ad
08:47 — 15:48 sticking to a style or trying different ones
15:48 — 20:37 dealing with intense and overwhelming emotions
20:37 — 29:04 handling hate or negative comments
29:04 — 29:27 exact time and place of birth
29:27 — 35:49 how spirituality inspires my art
35:49 — 36:41 more chit chats and goodbye

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Лучший обменник валют