|| 6 || NEPSE Live || Uncut Live Session || 12 May 20 || Nepal Stock Market || CA Nabish Pokharel ||

This is the recorded video of live session organized on 12th on May 2020.
In this video, i have described the following topics and their use in stock exchange :
1. How to see live transactions of shares in NEPSE?
2. How to use NEPSE website?
3. Market Depth.
4. Floor Sheet.
5. Market losers and gainers.
6. And all other basics mentioned in website required to understand stock market.

Please go through following link to visit NEPSE website:

If you’ve not watched previous videos, please go through this link:
1. Basic Introduction of Nepal Stock Market.
2. Why Share Market?
3. How to Get Started?

4. How is Share Price Determined?

5. What is Portfolio? How to make it strong?

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Instagram: Nabish Pokharel (https://www.instagram.com/nabishp/)
Facebook: Nabish Pokharel (https://www.facebook.com/nabishp)
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