3 Ways An Animal Can Save Your Life | Win-Win Life Hacks

How To Lose Weight, Find Love and Live Longer With These Two Simple Tricks. No this is not click bait, I’m dead serious and have empirical data and lots of peer-reviewed science to back up my statements. Friday is #NationalDogDay so let’s help people realize that our love and compassion for canines deserves to be extended throughout the animal kingdom!

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How adopting an animal will help you live longer: https://sites.psu.edu/siowfa15/2015/11/28/do-people-with-pets-live-longer/
How adopting a dog can help you lose weight: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1231262/How-walking-dog-beats-going-gym-It-gives-EIGHT-hours-exercise-week.html
The science of the love we share with dogs: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/348/6232/333
Can dogs really thrive on a vegan diet?: https://v-dog.com/pages/for-pooch

#AdoptDontShop WHY? Because when you buy a dog or cat from a pet store or breeder you’re supporting the very industries that are the reason there’s a homeless crisis of dogs & cats in the first place. Dogs and cats that are not purchased get abandoned or even euthanized, and puppy & kitten mills often breed animals in extremely inhumane conditions. The very nature of so-called “pure breeding”of animals is just a euphemism for what is really the ***inbreeding*** of cousins, brothers with sisters, parents with offspring, in order to genetically manipulate a species and create arbitrary traits that humans desire, that often come along with disease, and all sorts of health problems. Short-snouted breeds for example often have difficulty breathing, while others are so genetically manipulated (remember, dogs are simply domesticated wolves) they’re born with back problems and live in constant discomfort, just because humans think its funny or cute for them to look a certain way. Just like with humans, aggressive inbreeding also comes along with recessive genes that often cause terminal illness, shortening their lifespans and causing an unnaturally early death.

Are animals persons? Honestly, I couldn’t care less what the law in your state or province decrees (in almost every legal code, animals are considered property, not persons). The science is conclusive: animals are sentient beings. They are not inanimate objects. Its time for the law to recognize this (historic battles are being fought in court to give primates legal personhood and India has recognized dolphins and whales as non-human persons). There is no doubt in my mind: future generations will look back on the present as one of the darkest chapters in human history, where mass torture and killing of animals was mechanized to the tune of millions of lives taken every hour. When the atrocities of animal agriculture, experimentation, the fashion industry and exploitation for entertainment are looked back upon, the teachers of the future will remind the young: “that’s why we don’t eat animals.”


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