10k Subscribers Q&A! Answering Your Most Asked Questions [CC]

Amazing! This is a bit of a rushed video (ahem ahem) but I wanted to do something to celebrate 10k subscribers so I’ve dragged my wife into answering the most asked questions- with time stamps below!

00:37 If you’re deaf, why do you wear hearing aids?
06:11 why do you need a carer? you don’t look disabled
06:55 Why aren’t there subtitles in all of your videos?
07:21 How do you make video collaborations? (https://youtu.be/mc2GMIknK4A)
07:28 How do you understand music and lyrics?
08:45 Do you use BSL? How is it different to ASL?
09:19 What are your ethnicities?
11:05 What are your jobs?
12:06 What breed are your dogs?
12:42 Where do you buy your clothes?
13:07 How do you do your make up? (https://youtu.be/VBeQNWu_Lx0)
13:57 Why do you wear vintage/retro clothes?
14:37 Do you ever wear trousers?

ps. not included-
Q: What happened to your eyes
A: My great grandmother

Q: are you real?
A: um… yes? Unless this is the Truman Show, in which case you would probably be aware of it OR The Matrix, in which case you’re still apparently more aware of it.

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