10 Most Bizarre Cryptids Actually Seen In Real Life

From the creepy werewolf creature people see in Wisconson to the man who actually caught the mysterious chupacabra in real life.

5. Chessie
Just like Nessie and Tessie, Chessie is yet another sea monster said to inhabit the Chesapeake Bay waters. Numerous sightings of the creature in Maryland and Virginia claim that it is finned, serpent-like, and about 25 to 40 feet long. Most of the sightings took place between the 70s and 80s, and one alleged photo taken of the sea monster turned out to be nothing but a manatee.
A video taken in 1982 depicts the creature as a brownish object slithering much like a snake from side to side. However, the authenticity of the video remains unsubstantiated, and the last Chessie sighting took place in 1997. Did Chessie leave the area, die, or maybe the creature just got better at hiding after being seen so many times in the past.
4. The Lizardman
On one fateful night, 17-year old North Carolina native Christopher Davis was driving back home. It was around 2 a.m when his tire suddenly blew out near the Scape Ore Swamp. Davis went ahead and started changing the tire and just when he finished the job, a horrifying lizard-like creature lunged at him out of nowhere. Davis managed to get into his car, but the beast went ahead and attempted to wrench his door open. Seeing that its efforts were aimless, the lizard-like animal jumped up the roof of his car.
Davis instinctively started driving away, causing the creature to fall off of his car. He reported the incident to the sheriff’s office, describing the beast as having green, scaly skin, three clawed fingers, and red glowing eyes. The police investigated the scene, and they did not find any trace of the creature. However, Davis’s car had its door mirror damaged and claw marks on the roof. After that, more people continue to report sightings of the lizardman.
3. The Beast of Bay Road
These sightings all boil down to one explanation, werewolves. Long dog-like snout, tall pointed ears, and brownish gray fur, but the creature is almost always standing or crouching like a human. Wisconsin is unassuming home to the original ice cream sundae and this frightening were-creature. The sightings go back to 1936 when a hairy humanoid 6 foot tall wolf was spotted digging into a mound. In ‘64 the creature was seen running across the road and over a fence in the middle of the day. The witness said , “That was no man. It was all hairy from head to foot.” In ‘72 a woman rang the police to say that it was trying to break into her house. It was thankfully unsuccessful, but later returned and attacked her horse and slashed it across the shoulders. Then again in 99 on Halloween night an 18 year old girl was driving down Bay Road when she felt her car hit something. She stopped to investigate but was met with the terrifying site of the hairy monster racing towards her. These are just a handful of sightings throughout the years. Some says it’s just a bear of rabid dog, but to the ones who have seen it for themselves they know the explanation is much more bizarre than people are willing to believe.
2. Ozark Howler
People who have encountered this cryptic describe it as a gigantic black cat with glowing eyes and horns. As implied, the big cat produces a loud, eerie howl that rings through the Ozark Mountains in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri. Cryptozoologists suggest that the Ozark Howler might be an unrecognized big cat while anthropologists suggest that the black dogs of British folklore inspired the story of the cryptid.
Evolutionists who fall on the side of believers suggest that the cryptid might be a mutated lion breed or the hybrid of a mountain lion and another creature.
The legend of the chupacabra is well known especially in around Mexico, but would believe it that in Kentucky of all places the beast was finally hunted down? These images of the supposed chupacabra caused a frenzy and Mark Cothren who shot the animal was stumped as to what he had in his possession. Nelson County residents had a lot of ideas as to what it might be, but no one was certain of any one thing. One woman in town said it looked like a hairless dog she saw on Animal Planet. Another woman refuted the idea that it was a raccoon with mange because the skin is so clear it doesn’t have the rough that’s typical of an animal with mange.
The chupacabra is supposed to be a fearsome animal that livestock like goats dry of blood. Reports of animals found drained of blood skyrocketed in the 90s and the chupacabra was considered a likely culprit if you were a believer. Either that or some weird vampire that was trying avoid feeding on humans. You can find loads of images of creatures that people say are the legendary Chupacabra, but a live one hasn’t been presented so we have to just keep on wondering if it’s real or not.

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